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ShangHai Tennis Ball Factory Co.,Ltd. has over half a century experience in tennis ball and whistle production, and its Aeroplane tennis ball and Butterfly whistle have been well known to overseas markets. After reform and capital reorganization, the factory has developed into a staff holding corporation enterprise. At present, the enterprise has possessed an annual production capacity of 2.4 million dozen tennis balls and 4 million whistles. Annual foreign exchanges earned from the exports amount to more than 2 million US Dollars. We also have a group of creative and experienced workers and staff members and have strong product developing capability to satisfy all the requirements of all customers. Recently, to meet the demand in the international market, we have been engaged in the production of squash ball, Racquet ball, soft tennis ball, rubber ball, pet ball, and so on.

    Aeroplane Tennis Ball is the officially appointed tennis ball to be used in matches in the 11th Asian Sports Games, Davis International Tennis Tournament, and national games all previous, and is the appointed tennis ball to be used in international matches under the approval of International Tennis Federation (I.T.F.)

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